Cold Medication Can Be Addicting

Cold Medication has been prescribed to you by your doctor because you can’t get any sleep due to your heavy coughing. You doctor assures you that this will work and you will get the rest you need to help you get over your irritating cold. After leaving the doctor’s office you take the prescription to the pharmacy and get it filled. On the way home you open the bottle and take some not wanting to wait to start feeling better. Once you are at home you read the instructions and take the prescribed amount and lay down to rest. Within forty-five minutes you do start feeling better and you are a bit drowsy.

The cold medication prescribed to you by your doctor contains codeine, a derivative of opium. Codeine is opium and therefore a narcotic which when taken orally passes through the liver on its way to the brain. When codeine reaches the brain it is converted to morphine which slows you’re coughing and takes away your pain. When someone is miserable with a cold and a tablespoon of medication makes you feel a little better the temptation is to take some more. The combination of a strong narcotic and feeling better can lead to addiction.

When the cold medication is gone and you feel tired and irritable you may assume that you still have the offending cold when in reality your body has become dependent on the codeine. Codeine is strong enough that Heroin Addicts can use it to lessen the withdrawal when they need a fix. I am not suggesting that someone who uses cough medicine is an addict but prolonged use of any narcotic can lead to a stay in a Drug Detox